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I have just seen another right wing "free market" Tory capitalist on the telly (Douglas Carswell). All you have to do is google any of their names and add taxpayers alliance and you can see the real aims of this site. Big Brother Watch (an offshoot of the Taxpayers Alliance)is just one of a series of websites that appears to be sticking up for the rights of the person in the street but is in reality funded by business and promotes their interests. Also Google astroturfing.
@Alex Further to the political objectives of Big Brother Watch and your parent organisation The Taxpayers Alliance. It also sheds a little light as to where most of your money is really coming from and it is not the paypal button on the website as you tried to give the impression. From The Guardian Oct 2009 The Taxpayers' Alliance, a campaign group that calls for tax and spending cuts and claims to represent the interests of taxpayers, has admitted one of its directors does not pay British tax. The Guardian has learned that Alexander Heath, a director of the increasingly influential free market, rightwing lobby group, lives in a farmhouse in the Loire and has not paid British tax for years. The admission, made by Matthew Elliott, the TPA's chief executive and founder, is potentially embarrassing for the Conservative party, which has close links to the group that claims to be "the guardian of taxpayers' money, the voice of taxpayers in the media and their representative at Westminster". At the Conservative party conference in Manchester this week, the TPA's influence was underlined when David Cameron and George Osborne followed its recommendations for freezing public sector pay and capping civil servants' salaries at the level of the prime minister, unless approved by the chancellor. Senior Labour figures said the admission that a TPA director does not pay British tax "should ring alarm bells" about the group's influence on the debate on tax and spending. The group has also campaigned against green taxes, quangos and town hall pay. Heath's status emerged from an investigation into the TPA, which also revealed that the group is heavily funded by a group of businessmen and wealthy donors who also back the Conservatives. "Mr Heath, a retired teacher, has lived in France since marrying his French wife in 1973," said Elliott in a statement. "He is still a British citizen but he is a French taxpayer (where taxes are higher than in the UK!). He is passionate about the Taxpayers' Alliance." Elliott said Heath returned to the UK for about a fortnight each year and owned no property in Britain. "The least we can expect for an organisation that purports to represent the interests of British taxpayers is that it is run by people that pay British tax," said Jon Cruddas MP, who said he is one of many Labour MPs concerned about the TPA's growing influence. "When it emerges that one of the directors doesn't [pay British tax], their motivations seem questionable and alarm bells should start ringing for anyone who comes across the TPA." He said the organisation's backers suggested there was "a revolving door" between Tory donors and supporters of the TPA, although the group denies it is a front for the Conservatives. The TPA's financial backers include Sir Anthony Bamford, the owner of the JCB digger company, and Tony Gallagher, the owner of Gallagher Estates, both Conservative donors, who with 32 other businessmen have donated about £80,000 to the group through the Midlands Industrial Council. Malcolm McAlpine, the chief executive of contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, said he had also funded the group. David Alberto, a property developer supplies office space to the group near Westminster worth an estimated £100,000 a year. The campaign group refuses to publish details of its income or a list of donors, but when pressed, Elliott said the biggest single donation was no higher than £100,000 and its annual income from donations was about £1m. It is a rapid rise for a group which filed accounts for 2005 that showed donations of just £67,547. The TPA's links to the Conservatives include monthly meetings where speakers have included Eric Pickles, the Conservative party chairman, Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, and Daniel Hannan, the Tory Eurosceptic MEP who recently claimed the NHS was "a 60-year mistake". I am not really looking to engage with you, I consider this a public service to those people who may have made the same mistake about Big Brother Watch that I initially did.
@Alex Would you care to comment about this article from The Daily Telegraph about the political objectives of The Tax Payers Alliance? (of which you are an offshoot campaign group)
@Alex You do not want to discuss where the vast majority of the money comes from to fund BBW. This I can understand. It should be a matter of interest to your readers. Like the Tax Payers Alliance I know you are very shy about such matters.
@Alex Are you telling me that ALL the money for BBW comes from donations via the BBW website? If not What percentage comes from the website, no privacy issues here.
@Alex It is nice to know that you are keeping tabs on my posts and can produce links to them and post them in 6 minutes. Please use your efficient record keeping system to produce evidence of my alleged use of insults. I have been very clear why I do not support or trust your website. You have taken a cause that very many of us agree with and are very worried about. You present yourself as non party political but then take too many opportunities to push your right wing anti collectivist small government agenda. For example. I remember the story about water supplies to a small community. Your site argued that the community were happy with their water supply and should not have had a new water treatment facility forced on them. You made a huge thing about the cost (as you have done with drink and drive campaigns) and this is the type of article where your Tory and TPA political agenda shines through. When professional people had deemed it was needed; you yet again went with the populist Daily Mail government is wasting your money, nanny state angle. If you want people to trust you a little more how about publishing in more detail where BBW and TPA money comes from? I bet you can think of a dozen good reasons not to do that.
@ Richard Craven I on the other hand do not trust the BBW offshoot of the Tax Payers Alliance as far as I could throw them. They are both front groups for elements of the Tory Party masquerading as non party political pressure groups to upsell their own political agenda. They remind me of Migration Watch and The Countryside Alliance in some ways.
@ Richard Craven I agree with you entirely. You would have thought that Big Brother Watch who are merely a campaign group of the Tax Payers Alliance would welcome local people coming together to sort out their problems. This campaign group of the Tax Payers Alliance is schizophrenic on a lot of issues it covers and is constantly tripping itself up.
Let us look at the term "nanny" It is advice from someone 2 generations older than you that has lived and has experience. To refer to someone in such a manner means that you think you know better, well usually you do not.
Daniel while I agree with the premise of the article I would ask you to read what you have written and correct the obvious errors. It is amusing that this TaxPayers Alliance campaign group is advocating that retailers should be able to demand identification from people be it 18 or 21 depending where they live. What is very funny about this article is the dig at Chuck Schumer for chasing headlines when this is exactly what your Taxpayers Alliance campaign does as a matter of course. If you say nanny state one more time you will sprout feathers, start answering to Polly and mess your copy of the Daily Mail at the bottom of your cage.
At first reading this ban on bloggers seems indefensible but there is a lack of detail so we can't really tell. If someone blogs about the proceedings of a live Parliament channel broadcast what is their legal position? I am pretty sure there is more and less to this story than has been reported. The quality of debate is higher in the UK Parliament than anywhere else? Really? The confrontational system in Parliament is institutionalised infantile bickering and posturing. Thank goodness the EU parliament is built on an adult model of behaviour.
Alex Yes I was aware that Tony spoke at the launch, I intend to ask him if he has been following your coverage and if he supports its tone. You say that BBW is non political but you constantly push a Tory right wing libertarian and small government viewpoint. This involves trying to cast the Tory party as the true defenders of civil liberties and upselling other policies which stretch to areas that are beyond your sites remit but appeal to you. Throwing in a few people from other parties every now and then who are attracted by the civil liberties "hook" does not detract from the fact that this site is merely a front for a section of the Tory Party. When you are non party political and stick to your remit, I will as well as continuing to support civil liberties stop criticising you whether you can be bothered or not.
You may want to read this about Big Brother Watch's latest favourite Tory. It could be called will the peasants please stop bothering me.
Most of the time your stories are from Tory newspapers and you mainly publicise Tory politicians. Do you feel you have any credibility left to lose?
On the subject of civil liberties (from previous post on previous article). How can you pose as a defender of civil liberties and then indirectly call UK citizens; subjects of a hereditary unelected head of state (Elizabeth Windsor)?
This looks like a case of an overzealous civil servant, but it has nothing whatever to do with abuse of civil liberties.
While the story does raise an issue of genuine concern could you try a little bit harder? Writing this blog seems to consist of coming into the office having a cup of tea and reading the Daily Mail then the Telegraph then writing about something you have read there. 1 out of 10 for effort.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2010 on Volunteering: in the dock at Big Brother Watch
We have never been able to control who has access to our medical records. When the records were all in manilla envelopes we had to trust in the integrity of the people who had access to them down at the doctors surgery. Computers have made data more portable so that a single security breach has more serious implications, but the issue in both cases is who should have access to the information not the type of information and the scale of the database. I do not see anything wrong with having a national patients record system. There are medical and efficiency benefits to be had. Leaving the data fragmented because we can't institute a decent data protection policy would be a tragedy. The logical extension to not bringing this data together is to go back 30 years; or do we go for the ever popular status quo?
Why have you tagged this article Burning our money? The stated aim of this site is.... Big Brother Watch fights injustice and campaigns to protect our civil liberties and personal freedoms. This does not extend to sharing with us your opinion of whether you think money is being wasted or not. You should try to keep your Tax Payers Alliance Tory tendencies under control when writing pieces or this site will never recover from the reputation it has of being a Tory Party small government front group. I half expect to see a link to the USA TEA party movement every time I come to your site.
It is not just USA citizens that they want to spy on. Also see For how they want to backdoor all cryptography programmes. Skype could be illegal etc...
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on USA, you're being watched... at Big Brother Watch
When you say you are not a big fan of cctv I am assuming you do not include Alex (your boss) among your number. It was he who when he worked for for David Cameron stated that it was David Cameron who was responsible for bringing the benefits of cctv to us. Does Alex have any real opinions and values or are they only as temporary as the job he is paid to do? Also, why does Big Brother Watch pretend to be separate from the Daily Mail like Tax Payers alliance from whom you get your money, despite displaying on your web site that BBW is part of the Tax Payers Alliance.
Have to disagree with you on this one 0.5% over the limit is still socially unacceptable and dangerous. What I can't understand is why such a huge amount of police time is spent enforcing traffic laws. It would make much more sense from a resources point of view to hand this responsibility over to an expanded traffic warden department. If they need a warranted official then get on the radio and ask for one. Of course the police will never give it up as it is far too cushy a number and they are far to well connected and politicaly organised.
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