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Saul Bunyan
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Lol @ Mark. I googled the Betty White reference. I think we should make her our new spokesperson!
Toggle Commented May 9, 2012 on Snacks and Violence, Cont'd at Fritinancy
Hi Nancy! First of all, thanks for the post! We're glad you like our marketing efforts enough to write about them. We have very thick skin here at BlueOx Jerky and can always appreciate feedback. At first we were just going to chuckle and move on, but there were a couple items we felt we should clear up as you made some assumptions without doing any research. 1.) Your entire message is rather amusing; except the part where you take our quote “Real men eat jerky, and as legend has it, those who don’t turn into fanciful woodland pixies” and suggest implications as to an ulterior meaning. We find this childish, unnecessary, and extremely inaccurate. If you would have taken 10 minutes to talk to us on the phone, or send us an email, you would never have made that obnoxious statement. 2.) We have many unmeat (vegetable) friends, and none of them are sluts as you reference in your article: Friends with Benefits ( ). We think it is a little judgmental and presumptuous to say friends with benefits = slut. 3.) As taste is subjective we have people that love us and people that hate us. We don’t mind at all, in fact we love the fact that everyone has their own tastes and can express themselves. It is funny, however, that you did not try our product to form your own opinion, nor did you list any reviews with an alternate view… Just a thought, but presenting your criticism the way you did makes you seen biased and one-sided. Take it, or leave it, just my 2 cents. 4.) We are definitely not for everyone. Specifically, we market our product to individuals that have a sense of humor, both men and women. We do not exclude anyone, you can ask our customers. Again, a place where taking some time to do research would have been beneficial. 5.) Our marketing is for the greater good! What we notice as a disturbing trend in marketing campaigns is what we like to call ‘the pussification of men.’ More and more commercials come out to show men as sniveling, wimpy, useless, codependent pushovers. We find this insulting to real men everywhere! Our site is a helping hand to those that need guidance. I’m assuming the term used above will offend you, but again you are not our target market (the sense of humor thing). Above all we understand everyone is different, and everyone has different tastes. That goes for jerky as well as marketing techniques. In the end we just try to be the best at what we do and hope we’ve made some people happy along the way. Let’s just agree to disagree, you think two pieces of jerky fighting is violent and offensive, we think it is hilarious and tasty. -Saul & The Blue Ox Jerky Co. P.S. On a serious note, if you are single and into lumberjacks or men with beards, give us a call.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2012 on Snacks and Violence, Cont'd at Fritinancy
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May 8, 2012