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This article sounds like it was written by a Petulant Child who could no longer even pretend to be an Unbiased Observer... Poor Mr(s). Flotie–distorting public opinion isn't as easy as it used to be. Anyone see the Deputy Mayor coming or going from the new offices of the Rye Record lately?
Looks like the same source has proven the mayor to be a big fat liar too... More than once... By the way, if there is anything that is baseless for proving something true, it would start with "Rumor has it..."
Hmmm... let see, Freedom of Association? Freedom of association is the individual right to come together with other individuals and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests. A concept that was upheld as part of our First Amendment rights and one that was instrumental during the Civil Rights movement in America. Damn those Founding Fathers... and those troublemakers like MLK Jr. who wanted to be treated equally by their government. If only all the press were like the Peter Jovanovich's Rye Record, nobody would know about this pesky little thing called Freedom. Silly Biased Participant, can't win can you?
Would rather look at a van with a picture of Mayor French taking a dump on a toilet bowl then defend Mayor French, a man who can't tell you the time without lying, and who dumps all over Rye by cheating on his taxes and running honest employees out of city hall. And speaking of "Butt Boys", where is all the coverage on these local stories from Peter Jovanovich's paper of record?
So Obvious Unbiased Observers like Peter Jovanovich and Mayor French Kissing A Bear's Ass would make comments like the ones being posted here...
Let's see, within the city govt there is a movement to put sharrows on Forest Avenue to prevent "unpleasant and potentially life-threatening encounters," before they happen. Yet, the city is (it seems) doing little to prevent the unpleasant and potentially life-threatening encounters Rye residents could have with WNV infected mosquitos, before that happens. What's the difference?
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Aug 11, 2012