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Stephen Coulter
Manly, NSW, Australia
Recent Activity
Jane Stevenson's son in law and 2012 LA Conedian of the year, Al Del Bene headlining a swimmer friendly comedy night 7:30 Wednesday at the Steyne. Finishes by 9:30, details and bookings at
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2014 on 21/09/2014 whoa badge day! at Pacific Jules
For your Diary: The Bold and Beautiful Monthly Dinner IS NOW FULL - AND SO IS THE WAIT LIST! Please email Ian Forster urgently if you can't go on ****** Charity Events: Fred Hollows Foundation James Pittar, the blind marathon swimmer who has tackled some of the world’s roughest... Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2013 at Pacific Jules
See jellyfish photo - they have one long tentacle!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on 16/8/13 - We're Dreamin' at Pacific Jules
Great blog and photos Nick!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on 16/8/13 - We're Dreamin' at Pacific Jules
Is that a new semi transparent wetsuit Cara is wearing or have you been playing with special effects Renae? I'm not going to let you take any budgie shots even if I am a blog tart.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2013 on 13/8/2013 - The only way is up!!! at Pacific Jules
Stephen 0403338888
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2013 on 19/7/13 - Storch and Rescue at Pacific Jules
Jane, can you submit the Cathfish photo to the Museum?
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on 18/07/13 - The Best Medicine! at Pacific Jules
Great blog Lainey, getting all the comments you deserve. I think there were pent up comments after yesterday's disappointment!
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2013 on 18/07/13 - The Best Medicine! at Pacific Jules
En l'honneur du Jour de la Bastille et de rendre hommage à nos ancêtres Blog près de Français d'aujourd'hui est en français. (The blog can be read in Google English here, the Google translation is sometimes too literal which may make it funnier!) Bastille Day met en évidence le Français... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2013 at Pacific Jules
Great blog Sparkles - did it take long to come up with the "Welcome Matt" line - killer! ;-)
Winter's here, the weather and water are fantastic, we're having a ball! It's fun mixing and matching, Ugg's & polka dot bikinis - anything goes. Venturing out the golden ball of sunshine about to clear the horizon - life's a ball. Mother and daughter chilling together - what a ball...... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2013 at Pacific Jules
An old skool Saturday for the hard core B&B - we woke up to a chilly, dark and wet morning. It enticed 104 core Bold Beautiful out to model their hard earnt skills and badges - not a newbie to be seen! The surf and rips had built and JK... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2013 at Pacific Jules
Lesbutt, glad you like my new profile photo for your signoff. What about the other ones from today's shoot?!!
She wouldn't want you describing her like that either Ian!
Virgin sacrifices I believe - but that rules out the B&B!
Received from first time B&Ber Terry who swam with us Sunday. He's now back in Melbourne swimming with my Uncle at Brighton Icebergs. We're all welcome anytime. (btw wetsuits and fins are banned) Hi Stephen, Yes back in Melbourne and this mornings swim was at 12.8c which is a little lower than your 20c or so. And no wet suits! Told the guys about you group and they almost don't believe me. I left straight after I got back to meet my wife for a walk so I am sorry I missed you. Now that I have the pink cap I will see you again in Sept Cheers for now Terry Fox
Glad it was a side on shot Elaine!
Thanks Lesley, quick, spithy, witty blog! Are the early swimmers doing a dawn service swim at 6am tomorrow? For those not swimming early, Colonel John Platt CSC will address an ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Manly LSC at 6am beside the boat ramp.
Message from Annie, Stephen! thinking of you as I'm so grateful for this ipad..and thrilled I got the pad instead of the mini. Its my lifesaver. Miss you all at community and missing the daily exercise and saltwater. but loving (absolutely loving) traveling and seeing amazing things. hope you going well and please send my love to everyone xx
I'd love to Lips, you have a lot in common with her. But keeping the camera to legs only required extreme discipline and she would kill me if I told you or strayed anywhere Northwards!
Today, the clouds parted and we noticed that two B&B regulars tend to crop up in every photo! Blog tarting hasn't got anything on these two!!! Enter Les and Ted in their time machine..... When reviewing today's photo's we've noticed these two popping up in so many photos....keep an eye... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2013 at Pacific Jules
It really shows! What next?
Great blog Nick! I'm told guys with glasses and umbrellas is the hot new look around Man Town. Great technique Leswee - all that practice with bananas and tuition from Nicki has paid off!
I wasn't wet nursing - Nicki just went for me - lips, tongue, teeth too! Glad the water was cool!
Great blog Anna, yo better not use the Sydney Skinny photo of me!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2013 on 05/04/2013 - is for the living at Pacific Jules