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People tell me my Watermark blog is beautiful -- simple though it is. I look forward to playing with this new tool -- and I hope it will work for folks like me, who want to start with a blank slate. I love TypePad, and am very pleased with the new energy and features.
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Ohhh, wee little kitty director chairs! I think there might be a business opportunity there.
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Thanks, Laurence. And a special thanks to Squibs & Crackers and their well-humored human. Also, it's been pointed out to me that the meant-to-be loving message at the top of the post, due to an unfortunate coincidence of timing, might be considered a comment on current events. This was in no way intended. My cats support me in my point of view that, while I may be completely opposed to a given opinion, I will adamantly defend the right for it to be expressed.
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How could I see this and not think of you? Yes, it is good to be of use. This is something I am struggling with at the moment. Just now, I've listened to Prairie Home Companion, and now to Celtic folk music on KUFM, and am feeling quite nostalgic. For those times I've been of use.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2006 on This is for Ken at Watermark
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I always sort of envied Salon bloggers, though I didn't realize it was a community -- just that it tended to draw the best. But as a tool, TypePad is great. Perhaps they'll institute some of the LiveJournal tools on TypePad, since the same company owns both. In any case, here is a gentle reader you still have.
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