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I could probably write a whole blog on this, but to me every issue - the 107% rule, DCR and their funding issues, etc. - is pushed off the stage because of one thing: Milka's nearly total lack of situational awareness. She's nice, quite bright, cute, etc., but she does not know what to do in pressure situations on track. No matter how well-meaning, her inability to react SAFELY to situations on track makes her a danger to everyone's well-being, including hers. It's like the days pre-SAFER or pre-HANS. The danger was there, lurking, but all the pundits and fans scoffed at it, calling it the nature of the beast... until people started dying. Talk about a change in thinking. Milka will remain at annoyance level until someone is seriously injured or killed because of her on-track issues. It happened to Paul Dana, and it can happen to her.
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Jul 6, 2010