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Hi Martin I know I'm forever in your debt for sharing your room with me on a cold, icy Texan night... but I'm going to disagree with you now. I'm quite surprised at your nervousness around the data heads! When you get jumpy about: "People were nodes, and they could be manipulated to move from peripheries to the center by tweaking certain elements. It was easy to forget you were talking about learners, and not sales of baked beans." -- well this is all very Orwellian -- I can feel a new Apple 1984 Big Brother movie coming on. You know as well as I do that the fact that living human beings can be rendered as nodes in a network is a way to map the world, for some purpose. Maps always distort, but the thing is not to pay attention to the blob and links and ask "How can this be a reasonable proxy for a person?", but to ask is this making visible something that was otherwise invisible, and who does this help? Where I'm sure we do agree is that if theory stays in academics' back pockets to be gently stroked but never make a real impact, then that's a poor show -- and it's here that I think analytics could change the game: now you are increasingly challenged to put your analytics money where your theoretical mouth is, and evidence that your theory is sound from the data. My thoughts sparked by the blog debate: cheers Simon
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2013 on The iceland of Dallas at The Ed Techie
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Dec 19, 2013