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Meek's Cutoff is also scheduled for 9/13, according to NF.
Streaming (on Roku via Time-Warner Cable) was kaput today at 4:30 PM Eastern. It kept trying to buffer at the beginning of the program (The Caretakers) and never did start. We gave up after half a dozen rebufferings.
My suspicion is that after all the grumbling dies down, people will continue to stick with Netflix and be pleased, mostly because it's still a bargain. We can watch a dozen movies in a month for less than what it costs to go to the movies once. And for about half what it cost to rent the movies at brick-and-mortar stores (back when they existed), minus the hassle of driving back and forth. And the "60 percent" increase is just a worst case scenario. Our bill went up by about 15 percent, and when we switched from 3-at-a-time to 2-at-a-time, it ended up actually down a penny (with increased use of streaming, we found that disks had been piling up on the 3-at-a-time plan, but Netflix was so cheap we hadn't bothered to downgrade).
The website seems back to normal now.
I notice that the old "xx% similar to you" lines have returned to the review pages in the last week or so (but only sometimes). It looks like NF may be playing with the interface again, and some sort of networking features may be in the cards. I miss the ability to see my friends' queues and preferences.
And I'm old enough to remember "Gone With The Wind will never be shown on television!"
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May 26, 2011