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John, I've found an honest-to-god actual weaponized social network for you to write about! MUST CREDIT SCALEFREE!!!!!! MUST CREDIT SCALEFREE!!!!!!
It wasn't speaking out against gun control that got her fired, it was not reporting her boyfriend when he came onsite & threatened another staffer with a gun. That would probably make you feel unsafe if it happened at your job. You should explore news sources outside your ideological bubble occasionally.
John, why do you use dishonest evidence in support of your argument? Despite her claim the best evidence is clear that Storm Durham wasn't fired for having a CCW but for a variety of behavioral issues. It's uncorroborated but there was even a pretty specific counter-claim that her boyfriend brought a gun onsite & threatened another staffer with it, which she failed to report. It's also been reported that other staffers are known to have CCW as well & haven't been fired. This is not some hypothetical "weaponized social network" nefariously acting to violate someone's civil rights. You can do better than spreading this Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.
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Mar 31, 2018