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Frank Schaer
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Netflix listened, made a decision, and stuck to it. Now, I can decide to stay or go - simple as that. BTW, I'm staying. But using the movie reviews as a forum to foist opinions on other customers? Not cool. Personally, it just alienates me. Every time I find one of these "reviews", I'm flagging it as inappropriate. Over a small thing like the Friends feature. Wow. No other way to share movie opinions with "friends"?
I like the new display. If I want a social networking site, I'll go to one. Personally, I come here for movies and tv shows, and the new format gives me all the info in a much cleaner, simpler format. I especially like the "More Like" ribbon at the bottom, suggesting other similar movies. I think this move is a definite upgrade by Netflix.
It usually works. But, I usually prefer to wait till the initial rush has subsided, so I won't feel guilty if I keep the dvd more than a couple of days. If I've already waited a few months, what's a week or two more?
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Feb 5, 2010