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Steve Schalchlin
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I love getting details like this. The ticketing codes! We had a ZHGEN29 code going for Zero Hour. Zero Hour. General. $29. I bet they still honor it. I've been able to get people to memorize it, but I love the idea of the more simpler code, like a character's name.
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School is a good thing. Even at the age of 56, I treat every day like a day in school, giving myself assignments and making up new projects, just to keep it all rolling. But I heartily recommend the BMI program. One year, when I was at National Academy of Songwriters, we did a full year's course over a summer, taking a week to do each assignment instead of a month. Brian Stokes Mitchell was in that class. He's a monstrously good composer, btw.
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Jul 8, 2010