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Justin Scheman
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I enjoy reading your blog it always gets my brain pumping. I think one thing that can add to the online stream and to the problem of grooming new talent is to let the up and coming talent at your station have their own shows exclusively on the online stream. Not eliminating your current talent but rather adding an hour show or whatever during the transition times. By doing that you give them their own platform in which they are going to put in as much effort(if not more because they are hungry) as the jocks on air. Let's face it if you voice track it becomes another chore the jocks don't want to do. Another advantage to an online only jock is they can tailor their shows for the online listening audience which tends to be a little different they your average P1. There are limitless possibilities if PDs really put the effort in and try something NEW and DIFFERENT. I have a page full of possible game changing ideas that I can't wait to try.
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Aug 2, 2011