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to quote Lynnster: "as for your wondering if the Tennessee bloggers will miss NiT: I've missed it since the day you left and probably always will. There have been long periods when it's been impossible for me to keep up and read blogs daily (or even weekly) as I would have liked - if NiT were as it were back in your day, I'd have never fallen out of the loop or been as disconnected as I mostly am these days. My hat's off to you, and always will be, for what you accomplished during that time." yup, that. I haven't read it since you changed and it wasn't a draw to me anymore. NiT did something really valuable for me--it helped me expose myself to and interact with people and viewpoints very, very different from myself and my own. I never got the guts to come to any of the meetups, but I thoroughly enjoyed what you did for the Nashville blogging community way back when...and I miss it. glad it has been such a great launching pad for you. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 10, 2010