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I wonder what other players call Messi (hobbit, imp, etc...)?
I guess "Ballon d'Or" translates to missed PK.
It was a horrible way to be knocked out of the tournament. And I'm sure the players are infinitely more "gutted" than the fans, so give them a little slack. On the positive side, the US has a lot talent coming up through the ranks. Hopefully with the right club teams, and training, some will come to fruition in the next 2-6 years.
That sux. At least he got to play for the first half of the season.
Unfit, slower, and just back from holiday, yet Henry clinically finishes from the same spot that Arshavin shoots into the net.
I think the suspension is warranted. I can't believe behavior like this still exists on the pitch. If you can't handle your business on the pitch with your athletic abilities, then you don't belong on the pitch.
Somehow AVB continues to get a spark out of that turd team. Bravo to him.
I'm a Denmark believer, also. All the games in B will be quality. Would be nice to see Russia make a long run too.
Denmark will be in the final.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2011 on Pots set for Euro 2012 draw at Soccer By Ives
I don't understand the hate. It's not easy to score, or contribute positive scoring chances coming off an injury. But, Adu did that(which is his job). Sounds like a good match to me.
Colombia is a great side, though. I don't see why people are up in arms. They brought it. Completely dominated the pace and flow of the game, and executed a great tactical game plan. Kudos. Argentina are lucky they pulled out with a draw.
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Jun 13, 2010