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Why does Glenn Kenny give off such appalling, finger-stabbing-in-the-sternum, hot onion-ring breath bathing, sweaty sweatpant stinking, yowly, howly, baroquely pugnacious HOSTILITY in the midst of....a PRAISEFUL review? Kenny's praise is more vilely bellicose than his pans. Because the praise is a thin layer of cellophane covering his real objective: using words to mimic physical violence against Those Who Do Not Understand. Who, of course, are really merely Those Who Disagree. So, for example, those who deign to critique "The Wolf of Wall Street" are really "classist" Wasps sneering at the "uneducated" Scorsese--is there really a person alive who considers the encyclopedic master of film history Scorsese "uneducated"? No, but it serves Unkle Kenny's purpose: so another kitchen sink is heaved in. What one cannot escape with Kenny is a bellicosity that escapes all ideas, ideologies, tastes, thisses-rather-than-thats. He is just pissed. And he wants to rut and grunt and beat his big chest, McConnaughey style, for the world to see. His admirers are junior drooglets.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2014 on More "Wolf of Wall Street" at Some Came Running
I knew when Karina wrote this that people would be up in arms that it's classist, and what's a hipster chick like this doing mocking the good people stocking the Horsey Sauce at Arby's, and so on. Not to place myself as an overall champion of the unfortunate-Ghost-World-cat-glasses-wearing Longworth, but she is literally correct. If you think embryonic Rhodes Scholars are slinging your curly fries, you got another thing coming.
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Jan 31, 2012