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Since the link to keeps having server problems for me, and I thus don't know what information is there, I'll add a link to Wikipedia. ^_^
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2007 on CREEPING FASCISM UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Well, I just spent an interesting 30 minutes on the phone with the FTC (and later the FCC). Apparently, despite what the FTC website says, cell phones are afforded no practical protection from telemarketers automatically. Yes, they're not 'supposed' to call you, but the gov won't do anything if they do. The ONLY answer: add your cell to the Do Not Call registry. Then, at least, if -any- telemarketer calls the gov will at least take the complaint, and eventually you might get invited to join a class action suit somewhere. Oh, it takes 30 days before they'll take complaints. But this also works for the fax problems discussed earlier! ^_^
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2007 on SURVEY QUESTION at Dave Barry's Blog
Strangely, this is -oooooooold- news. Under-Ease won the 2001 Ig Nobel award for Biology. See for further info. It seems to have been noticed here at the time, though. ^_^
Commented Jan 24, 2007 on THIS JUST IN at Dave Barry's Blog