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To John Fru Ndi, I say that they have you in a choke hold, accusing you of murder, of tax evasion. They try to put you into a life of relative ease too so that they can quiet you. From what I am reading here in the past couple of years, you have followers who are incredibly loyal, even though you have stumbled and weakened. Do not squander that. This is not what you signed up for and took a lot of people with you! You too say NO! Let them do their worst. It is a shame, can't you see?also look at what happy in mutenege, member arrested for nothing(NJIKEM SAMA, ACHIRI KENM, BOMA PETER AND MANY OTHERS, WHY ALL THIS, NOW IS THE SCNC B/C OF ALL THAT I DON'T KNOW. WE WALK UP NOW AND SEE THIS FIGHT,
The chair man of the SCNC, NFOR NFOR was arrrested with other member of the scnc when the were talking about the MUTEGENE arrest on march 2006, and peparation of mass protest,ABOUT SOME MEMBER of the SCYL and SCNC like NJIKEM SAMA, BOMA PETER, ACHIRI KEN, LUCAS ASHU, AND SOME OHTERS, PLEASE WE ASK THE WORLD TO LOOK INTO THIS MASS ARRESTED AND ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHT IN CAMEROON, THE SCNC AND SCYL WILL NEVER AND NEVER LOST THIS FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, LET ALL BE TOGETHER .SCNC, secession is never won in courts,SCNC has to develop better strategies if they want to succeed.I also agree with what ma mary said. I am a southern cameroonian and i'm know the plight of the anglophones.If you have special advice, sign up in the struggle and include it in the tools and plans.