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Great, great point! It's also true that subtle can be much more powerful than obvious.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2012 on How To Innovate Like A Shark at Re:Focus
Great post Jeff. And just to be clear, it never stops... my 16 year old CLEARLY remembers me telling her she gets my car at 17 if she has an A average in school. Your promises definitely get inflationary :-)
Nice post Jeff. I'm sure you've seen this video, a great affirmation of your post:
Jeff, great post and Happy Birthday Ken! Just one point, I think it's the 1986 Mets who incite, I can't believe the Art couldn't provide insight.. :-)
Jeff, Truly sorry to hear about your Dad. Regardless of the circumstances I know it's a sad day for you and your family. What a great tribute to someone who lived a full, varied and loving life. Nicely said. Regards, Scott
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Apr 18, 2010