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Paul - this is an absolutely fantastic post! Wow. In fact, I think this may be one of the best posts on social CRM that I have ever read for several reasons: 1. It made the social part of how we do business real - with context, emotion, and real names (not supplier A and customer B). I wager you'd be embarrassed to ask some of these people about their wife and kids (by name, and maybe their dog too) just because you found the information in your database. I believe that Deep down, social CRM isn't about collecting more information about people from around the web in order to deliver customized messaging, its about engaging with people to develop more of these kinds of relationships throughout your career. 2. This hit you - smack in the face - after three days of interaction with these people. Doesn't it often happen this way? We get a killer recommendation that lands us a job / contract or some "chance" introduction that changes our careers... can't social CRM (focus on the RM part) help us increase the frequencies of these events, and help us plan for them? Again, I don't mean in an artificial way, I mean in a systematic way that enables you to continue dialog and developing relationships like these beyond the conference... 3. Isn't it better? Isn't that what new business is about - developing deeper personal relationships with people and being able to recognize them for being REAL people who make a difference in your life. I'd love to invite you to discuss how we're trying to capture this through our startup Network Hippo ( Awesome post - thanks for sharing so openly and hope you don't mind if I continue to share!
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Apr 27, 2010