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I thought boycotts were just a symptom of free market principles? Now your qualifying what’s appropriate in the free market and what’s not? Not sure what you believe.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2010 on Why Not Just Boycott BP at One Mouth One World
Is their anything that you write that isn't completely partisan? You think the president chose certian troop levels so he could call the plan his? I would hope the leader of the free world is not that petty. Then you go on to make smug comments about Biden. He has more foreign policy experience then anyone else currently serving in the senate and was one of the architects of the nato intervention in the balkans, one of the most successful nato missions in history, you can look that up! He chose the troop levels he did because he knows its an unwinnable war, but he's willing to give it one more shot. Their is nothing in Afganistan's history that leads anyone to believe that we can be successful. America unfortunely can't fix the world. We need to withdrawl from Afgansitan and keep the threats that lie within it boxed in, in the same mannor we are doing it in Somalia. Special forces and air power can very easily stop Afganistan from becoming a base of operations for Al-Qaida. We can not nation build in a country that only understands tribal governance. I also find it ironic that conservatives like your self similtaneously bitch about the deficit as well encourage and expanded war. If you want a war then it has to be paid for, I applaud the Democrats for trying to make the war deficit neutral. They have a saying in Europe about America...."The one thing that America always learns is that America never learn".
First, I don't think nearly as many people are against capitalism as you think. Most people in this country are fairly moderate and have a few things we are conservative about and a few things we are liberal about. Second, you are framing the question as if we only have two choices, socialism or capitalism. Most people are not against capitalism, they are against its unfortunate manifestations. You are right when you say that capitalism rewards the hard working and controls costs through competition, but it all comes with a consequence and it that consequence we must recognize and address. It is sometimes necessary for government to create programs and regulations to control those consequences of capitalism which include the exploitation of labor, wage controls, lack of adequate healthcare and discrimination, just to name a few. Now I will agree with you that the size of government has become out of control, but it took two parties to tango. At the end of the day you have to realize that the world is not black and white, its just a bunch of gray. Their is no one ideology that will serve all of our citizens needs, it will take a nation of idea's from the right, left and everywhere in between.
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Dec 3, 2009