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The judge is only now telling them that the ADA applies to them, but he is then going to punish Netflix retroactively. So much for "no ex post facto." He should give them a reasonable amount of time from when he made his ruling for them to comply before any punishment would kick in. The world of lawsuits has nothing to do with common sense or logic or the real world. We need a new way of resolving disputes that doesn't involve lawsuits.
Netflix is trying to prevent their streaming service from becoming a commodity that other companies can duplicate. The only sure way to do that is exclusive content. It's why MTV shows original content instead of just the music videos they started out with. (Any channel can get music videos from the music companies for free.) MTV had to offer viewers something they couldn't get from any other channel. Fortunately, original content on Netflix won't crowd out the other content nearly as much as with MTV since MTV is limited to just 24 programming hours in a day while Netflix can stream you anything in its vast library anytime.
I use subtitles even though I'm not hard of hearing. Sometimes dialog will use an uncommon word or an odd turn of phrase or the actor will have an accent hard to understand. An independent film from the UK or Australia will have actors speaking a different form of English from midwestern American dialect. A hip comedy will have idioms on the cutting edge of youth slang that I may not be current with. A smartly written show may use language very creatively to make literary allusions that I won't understand unless I can see them on screen and then Google them. Also, I have a lot on my mind in life and my attention will often wander for a second, and the subtitle will let me "catch up" with what was just said. I turn on subtitles whenever they are available.
David, I think they mean 80 percent of hours streamed, which is quite different from 80 percent of hours available for streaming.
My nearest Netflix processing center is located in a nearby city where the Postal Service processing center is being shut down. I wonder if Netflix will have to move their center?
I have recently seen some DVDs that were in my "saved" section go back into my regular queue. Netflix is apparently restocking some of its "out of stock" DVD titles. Examples include "The Adventure of English" "The Adventures of Mark Twain" "Mail Call" "Cat Girl Kiki" and others.
"Holly's World" seasons 1 and 2 (starring Holly Madison) came out on DVD September 27 and still is not available on Netflix.
I had this problem and found out it was caused by the "https everywhere" plugin I was using. I then changed my preferences for that plugin to have it not be enabled on and that solved the problem. Note that I did not completely disable the plugin itself, I just brought up the list of sites for the plugin and changed netflix from a checkmark to an x.
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Nov 11, 2011