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Scott Chaney
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Matthew, or anyone else who would like personal assistance, please contact me at But to answer your question directly Matthew, just select the "Netflix Q" subaccount after you login and then click on "Allocate to other Qs" link.
Ron, you need a login to identify and protect the queues you create. We hope to have a video showing how FlixFamily works available in a few weeks.
Lynne, I should also mention that FlixFamily doesn't have to be a direct substitute UI for Netflix. You can still use Netflix to select those titles you want to watch and then go into FlixFamily to allocate them between your various queues.
Lynne, We have to rely on the Netflix database they make available to developers. We are working on solutions that would bring that data more in line with what shows up on the Netflix site. Scott -
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Jun 17, 2011