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Who cares - and I mean that respectfully :-) I also worked commercial photofinishing for about a decade and I blame the slow demise of medium format on newer / younger photogs choosing the convenience of 35mm over the hassle of MF. The quality difference was staggering, especially when you hand print and analyze several thousand rolls of film a week. No 35mm print film in existence can produce a 16x20 analog print like 6x7 can. However, brides and photographers started shifting to a different market starting in the mid 90's. The landscape / commercial market was more more specialized on chrome film and has been dictated by their printing needs. Given that nobody buys newspapers and magazines anymore...ahem. Lab die-offs are of course responsible for a self supporting cycle of diminishing interest in MF. The fact is that with B&W you are obligated to process it yourself, and E-6 is still better controlled with one-shot hand processing, especially if you're using Fuji materials which simply don't workin in Kodak calibrated lines, which most are. Why you'd even bother with print film, professional or otherwise, unless you're shooting a wedding dress is beyond me.
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Jul 6, 2011