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Same problems. I used to have no problems watching movies. Once everything went Unlimited it's gone to crap. I can't even watch Dexter using a wired connection without it stopping ten minutes. It's unusable now. What happened? It worked so well. I'm glad Hacking Netflix has done a story on this. I hope Netflix fixes it. And to Netflix, don't get down on yourself, we'll be somewhat patient. :-)
All I have to say - (And no disrespect to all of you loyal BB members, as I feel your pain). I'm so glad I'm not a member and am a Netflix member. I have 2 DVDs out Unlimted for $13.99 and they just gave me Unlimted Watch Now hours. A Great deal as their watch now selection (though not the best), is getting much better and even has new TV shows like Heroes Season 2 before they are on DVD. Couldn't be happier. Besides some damaged discs here and there (which they quickly replace) and the occasional wait on a new releases I'm very happy. My opinion is all of you at Blockbuster is to make the switch. You might not get in-store rentals, but at least you are renting from a company that won't screw you over in the end. Been with Netflix with two years and plan to stay for years to come. Good Luck to all you Blockbuster guys. It's not right what they are doing to you.
I was one of the people that reported this, so therefore I am getting the email. I was using it often a couple of months ago and took a break from it. But I always had about 4 hours left before the month was over anyway. Cool either way!
Here's one. The other day I got a really messed up envelope. I tore off the shipping part and pulled out my dvd and realized the return envelope didn't have anything to seal it back. There wasn't even the "Remove Tape and Seal Envelope" sticker to pull off. It was just paper. I had to fold over the paper and use tape to send my movie back. I wasn't upset. I just thought it was funny. I should have took a picture. Has that happened to anyway?
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2007 on Empty Envelope from Netflix at Hacking NetFlix