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Does this exclude the U.S. Bummer if so - this is what Netflix needs to be successful here.
I really hope Netflix can turn this mess around. As much as the news lately seems earth shattering Netflix service really isn't any worse than it has been, but it needs to get better. I downgraded to streaming only/occasional trips to Redbox for my movie needs. But, I still want to see this company succeed. I've always been a fan. I'm hoping for the best.
Hey.. is this a preview of a new website layout?
This is a good start, but they need to get some better movie deals going quick.
As some commentators have suggested, I think they picked a bad name like Qwikster on purpose. It's kind of cheesy and really Netflix wants nothing to do with this business anyway. It's not like Qwikster is going to become a large company - the whole reason Netflix created it is because DVD is dead. Wait a few years and they will sell it off, which is probably their whole intention.
@Ryan Yup, same issue here. HD streaming works fine on my PS3 though, not to mention every other device.
Good. Roku could use some competition. The Roku 2 is not flawless. A lot of people are reporting problems with the new Roku 2 and streaming HD titles in Netflix (myself included). Maybe Netgear will get it right.
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Aug 26, 2011