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Auburn, AL
IT Director @cornerstonebuzz, Believer, follower, leader, seeker of truth beyond contradiction
Interests: photography, Internet, cycling, movies, technology
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I wonder if that applies to the iPad and the like. I know in some 501(c) apple sites you are only allowed to buy one item for a 10% discount, but of course you can choose the one item.
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Awesome video, just hilarious... the photos of Craig G and Andy Stanley used in the video were shots I took on a photo shoot, would love to know who your producers were for the video and what the connection is between us, small world. I shot a ton of images on that particular shoot, probably 5k or so, I could have hooked up your production guys with the full high res versions :) Love the fact that you will try just about anything to reach people. -Scott Fillmer
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on U. B. U. at Pastor Ed Young Blog
Jason, I was looking into the Apple Certification programs for support and technician for hardware but I am not really all that familiar with their programs. Are they worth the expense? I understand the benefits but trying to quantify them to the church administrator on a cost/benefit it something I am trying to understand myself. The church just wants to make sure they will receive the benefit of having an onsite certified IT person over not (we do have about 80% macs to pc's). Thx. Scott
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Great examples on standardizations, I worked for Southwest for several years and standardization with them was not done by accident, SWA was always very determined to make productivity as high as possible and costs as low as possible.
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Jan 25, 2010