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1 - Marry a really famous dude known for dark, "rebellious" imagery catering to a wide audience of Hot Topic shoppers and Nine Inch Nails fans. 2 - Cater to said audience through a series of "provocative" songs, albums, tours, etc., all while throwing it in everyone's face that you did it yourself without a label (despite having a decent management team, booking agent, and arguably one of the most impressive pr agents/imaging consultants outside the "mainstream"), all while boasting numerous times in the press how fans will "throw money at [you]." 3 - Play impromptu gigs, like at Occupy Wall Street (not playing original songs, mind you, but cover songs that may or may not pertain to the actual cause) or ON THE FUCKING R TRAIN DURING MORNING RUSH HOUR! EASILY THE WORST TRAIN RIDE EVER, and I've seen dudes shoot up on the F train and shit themselves. 4 - Bask in the fact that there are several generations of misunderstood Hot Topic shoppers who stopped listening to (or may still do so) Mindless Self Indulgence for their own Bon Iver.
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May 7, 2012