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Interests: snow skiing, flying, inline skating, SCUBA
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Also interesting... "blog discovery algorithm" returns what you might expect. "blog discovery algorithms" That is, just adding an "s" to algorithm, offers up your odd result. While it's an interesting question as to how this might happen with an oddity in the Google algorithm, it could be some other simple error in indexing somehow. Scott
A few points... * You have just offered to forum platform providers a great idea for a new feature... the ability to subscribe to individuals' posts and block others. I wonder if VBulletin or phpBB folks are watching. We'll see. * What you find tremendously inefficient may be more effective for others. For example, any forum will typically have some lead regulars. They may provide more value. But they won't necessarily cover all topics of interest. Social network filters may provide value in some cases, but become overly narrow in others. Topic based filtering continues to have value. I've been following your interesting asymmetric thoughts here and some of what JP has had to say as well. I might argue that seriously asymmetric relationships, (based on behavior), in so-called "social" media are much more Web 1.0 then some 1.0 technologies. (e.g. forums, where the behavior is more symmetric in terms of shared value, shared experiences and simple engagement - however tenuous - between two or more people.) In the extreme super A-list cases you cite in earlier posts, those not responding to direct messages are neither social, nor 2.0ey. They could just as well be using an Email list or Blog with comments turned off. It hardly matters that they happen to be using a platform that allows for two-way if they don't use it. There's nothing wrong with this of course. I guess I just don't understand what's especially interesting about a multi-use pocket knife or multi-tool when it's only its side is being used to drive in the same ole' nail.
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