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Scotti Erickson
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First of all, I am enjoying your blog very much. Your lifestyle is far more free than mine, but I find that I can relate in many areas: unschooling, crafting, healthy eating, nature loving, garden growing... I would also like to thank you for the link to the Almond Cookie recipe and blog. I have struggled with finding a bread recipe that my kids can eat and that I too enjoy and the treats are delish. I have even lost a few pounds using Elana's Pantry recipes. Finally, the book. I am loving the book. I am not much of a comment poster, so this will most likely be my last. However, I wanted to let you know that my children are much more at peace since we began the simplification process. The fighting is less. The tantrums are fewer. The one thing that I have truly appreciated from this process is the 'gift of boredom.' I was constantly trying to keep my children busy and engaged. I would feel guilty if they spent an hour in their room in 'imaginary play' and I had not checked in on them or played with them. This book/process has truly decreased my 'parenting duties.' Also, I do not feel guilty about tackling some of my own projects. I am currently on my second read of the book and am able to conceptualize even more or the process. And it is a process. Even when I think I have simplified one area, I return a few days, or weeks, later to simplify further. So, thank you. I will continue to lurk. (I hope that is okay).
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May 7, 2011