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"As for high-end sound equipment, well, I listen to country music on my Mac speakers, so I have, er, little to say about that." I loved this part of the article. Thanks for posting.
"It took me three and a half hours this morning to write that essay." Time well spent. This was an excellent essay.
Based on the specs that I think the average consumer would look at, I think the Sony is the obvious choice here. But based on things I look at, it's not so simple. I want full frame, but I also want high ISO. My perfect camera? A full frame 7D. All of the specs of the 7D but with a full frame sensor. Heck, take out the video — I don't need it. It would be sort of a 5D lite. I know, I'm dreaming, but that's the camera I want today.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2009 on Canon 7D, $1699 at The Online Photographer
Like some others have said here already, the α850 is making me wonder what Sony has up its sleeve for its next flagship. That, along with the inevitable responses from Nikon and Canon, should be very interesting.
(drool) What a beautiful specimen.
"This video has been removed by the user." :(
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This is awesome. I can't believe that the first comment on Valleytrash mentioned that the vacation is "absurd". And this is from a reader, not a contributor. Seriously? Do people really think that a short trip across the state to an amusement park is absurd? I'm not an executive at my place of employment, but I can easily afford such a trip. I'm glad to see this post so that the world can see how absurd that site is.
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The big question is: Does the app work with Movable Type?
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