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How could this research possibly be classed as "blaming the victim?" Wouldn't finding out why gays are targeted be a step in the direction of helping to solve the problem? The researchers are in no way implying that gays deserve the attacks--quite the opposite. THINK ABOUT IT, PLEASE!!!! Sure, you just want whoever beat you up punished--who wouldn't? And then society would have retribution against a few people for that one specific act. But if a reason can be found for the behavior, and steps taken therefore towards eliminating the behavior, how can you, the victim, be opposed to that, much less feel that you are being blamed for the attack.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2007 on The science of anti-gay hate at Citizen Crain
OK, Chris, we get it--you're still bitter about the trans group disagreeing with you about ENDA, but is it really necessary to try to politicize this "silliest of beauty contests"??? Try to think of another way into your twink tenant's pants, because this approach is just downright embarrassing.
"The fact you would call the compromise ENDA "a toothless joke" is just further evidence that you have no respect for the rights of GLB Americans." Chris, why, why, why do you have to make anyone who disagrees with you out to be the enemy?????
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2007 on 'Diseased' gay men vs. ENDA? at Citizen Crain
Oh, Chris, honey, calm down! You're becoming a big ole conclusion jumper and a name caller and it's not doing your position any good, sweetie. You see, I am not trans, as you assume--surely your grandmother told you what happens when you assume? And your desperation to identify as "straight-acting" is sort of sad, too. How about sticking to the facts, some logic, allowing for some difference of opinion, and dropping the GWB-ish if-you're-not-with-me-you-must-be-a-Commie type of rhetoric. Sheesh!
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2007 on Transg-ENDA and passing privilege at Citizen Crain
Many of these “straight-acting” gays, and I count myself in their number although I completely reject the term, are often enthusiastically embraced by heterosexuals because we seem “normal” except for being gay." Chris, Chris, Chris, your stereotypes are showing. We all know that you're just a tad defensive about your stance against including transgenders in nondiscrimination bills, but step back a minute and look at yourself and what you are saying. These comments make the perfect case for exactly why transgenders need protection too. And as for your passing privelege, please honey, I've seen you walk!
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2007 on Transg-ENDA and passing privilege at Citizen Crain