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Scott Lawson
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Excellent 3-part series, I learned a lot. It had me wondering if there was a list of dry-farmed vineyards in Paso Robles and I was googling around and found this one ( but I do not think it is complete. Do you know of a better source?
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Thanks, Jason, I will call, it is a very kind offer! But more importantly, I appreciate that you take some time out to educate us. Always love your blog!
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Jul 30, 2013
Very well explained! Thanks for the update.
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Nice photos! A little bird (or should I say swmiming fish?) told me about Weekend Hippie . . . I love the site. I always suspected a bit of the hippie was hanging out on the Hill in SummerLand. I am a locovore when possible and have Avos, Oranges, Tangirines, Apples, Lines, Lemons in the back and just shy of 100 sq. ft. of raised beds tucked in the side yard. Surrounded by CA natives . . . you should do something on CA natives! My Tvonga friends and their anchestors are the original hippies! Keep up the good work!
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Feb 8, 2012