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This is, by far, the worst writeup yet about Chatroulette. It fails to even remotely capture the essance of the experience and makes a farfetched comparison to other networks with zero relavency. Do more research or give up on PR bottomfeading.
Great insights, David! I can't help but wonder how the 'social media bubble' may have been different if we were living in stable economic times. Or is the failing economy partly responsible for social media growth? My perceptions of the snake oil salesman is that several are unemployed marketers looking for a quick solution to enhance their consulting portfolio. Or, vapid marketers working at a panicked company desperate for a quick-fix solution to gloomy sales projections. So often I hear the same haunting phrases as I heard in the late 90's "Essentially it is free" "All we need is a _____ " And now we are seeing groups claiming to offer "International Certification" in Social Media. Woah. One can only hope we have reached the apex of hype and hysteria!
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Life After Social Media Snake Oil at Logic+Emotion
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Dec 6, 2009