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If they have hidden (not deleted) the list of saved titles, and if this was driven by user feedback, why not simply make the display of the list a settings option? Is it really so hard for Netflix to understand that users want options (control). I don't want NF or anyone else making choices for me. NF also doesn't understand the value of the dollar. $10 per month is low enough that most people will happily pay month after month without giving it much thought. Raise the price 60% (in a recession) to $16 a month (which might as well be $20 a month) and people start asking themselves how much they are really using the service and what it's worth to them. NF used to be a great company and I was a proud shareholder. I've dumped all of my stock and am very near dumping my subscription. Maybe it's time we start speaking with Mr. Hasting about retirement.
Echoing some of the previous comments, I think it's important to note that there were likely significant factors other than streaming that contributed to the drop in DVD sales. Movie theaters are charging all time high prices and we've been in a recession since late 2008. People simply do not go to the movies as much as they used to (at least not people my age). Thus, it's possible that since people are seeing fewer movies, there are fewer movies which they loved and are therefore not buying as many DVDs of movies they loved. It's also possible that the studios produced a bunch of crap movies in 2010 and no one wanted to buy them on DVD. Seriously, did you watch some of these dung patties - Tron Legacy, Little Fockers, The Town, Salt, Marmaduke, The A-Team, The Expendables? Reviewing the list of the top 100 highest grossing films of 2010, there are three that I liked, Green Zone, Secretariat, and The Social Network. That's 3 out of 100! I'll admit; there are a few that weren't awful but when did we start settling for "not awful?" Movies are suppose to be fantastic vehicles of escapism!
Thus far, subtitles have not worked for us. They appear to become increasingly out of sync the further we get into the movie. Hoping this great feature will be functioning properly soon.
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May 16, 2011