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What do you mean "every now and then"? These are 62% of my entire LinkedIn feed! They are so bulky by their nature they dominate the screen in terms of sheer real estate. It's one thing if folks are changing jobs or updating their title, but man, LinkedIn needs a preference for us not to see the animated graphic so prominently. Totally ruins the experience. And yes, they are rather bland, but I really don't come to LinkedIn for innovation in brand illustrations.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2022 on Beyond bland at Noisy Decent Graphics
I checked out the application yesterday. Wow. I've seen some convoluted application processes, usually for public sector jobs, but that takes the biscuit. Being a series of MS Word files is pretty tragic, you really should switch to an online system for many reasons, but especially because Word is a commercial product. I'm fighting a similar battle at my company, always insisting on writing a straightforward description and keeping the application as minimally invasive as possible. I think all designers have a duty to "hack" their recruiting process to make it as fair as possible, but also to create the sort of experience we'd like to have ourselves.
#1 Annoys me too, and has for years. The worst example of this, in my opinion, is the poster/DVD cover for "Nothing to Lose" with Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence. Here, the names of the actors are actually placed ON TOP of wrong man. Here is the image: I can't believe no one thought to change the layout, or to stage the photo accordingly. Or at least flip the photo at the very least. ... However, I'm laughing imagining that someone is going through life saying "I really like Martin Lawrence. He's a great actor"
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2012 on Three things that annoy me at Noisy Decent Graphics
I still read blogs! But I agree, I don't read them with the same scrutiny. And I definitely don't write with the same frequency that I used to. There was a time where I was posting 25-28 times per month. These days, I'll share half of that stuff on Twitter.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2011 on No one is reading anymore at Noisy Decent Graphics
These have been around a while but I wish they were more popular. In the states they're used in places where vehicle traffic is occasional — to passers-by it looks just like regular grass, but can be driven on. Especially useful when it rains because the ground doesn't turn to mud. We had something similar to these at my university and they were affectionately named "the drunken blocks" because anyone who had been drinking would inevitably stumble due to their inconsistent footing. In that case, they probably needed to fill in with dirt so the surface is level. Anyway, the point is these aren't exactly new, but they're still pretty cool.
Congrats on your new role! Best of luck. And hopefully next time I'm in London you can give me a studio tour.
If you ask me, the choice to create/name a product/service/offering should be based on how much of a departure from the original brand it will be. If your original brand has some cred in the new arena, go ahead and co-brand. If it has none, create a new brand entirely. If it has tons of experience, the monolithic approach might be best. This all goes back to Wally Olins and his view. From the Wikipedia article on Corporate Identity: "Olins (1989) is well-known for his "corporate identity structure", which consists of three concepts: monolithic brands for companies which have a single brand, a branded identity in which different brands are developed for parts of the organization or for different product lines, and an endorsed identity with different brands which are (visually) connected to each other."
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