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Paul & crew-- Great discussion today. Like you, I've also not yet seen the consultant who can truly claim to be equally adept and compensation design and incentive/recognition design, and I think you all covered most of the reasons why we haven't seen him or her so far. Perhaps one day we'll have a course of study that will bring the basics of both disciplines together as a framework for professionals, something like EEA is doing ( In my experience, if you can get into a company at a the C-level, you'll have a good shot at finding an internal champion who's receptive to the holistic approach, but even then it's a tough road without demonstrable metrics (the spreadsheet mentality that Ann mentioned.) Perhaps a future discussion could delve deeper into the kinds of metrics being used for non-sales employees, even if we can't discuss specific clients. Also -- Jim (I think it was Jim) mentioned the need for ongoing feedback. I just discovered -- a neat site where you can get instant feedback at least from peers if not your supervisor. Looking forward to the next live discussion!
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Jul 7, 2010