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Scott Slick
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Judge Posner, Apologies for another aside. But I was just watching one of your interviews on The Big Think. Great stuff. What a gift to have lived in an age where both you and Ronald Dworkin were alive, and able to exchange thoughts and trade criticisms. I actually believe in what Harold Berman used to call "integrative jurisprudence," and thus I derive great enjoyment from reading Dworkin, you, and Holmes. Best Regards, Scott
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Dear Mr. Posner, I apologize for being off topic, but I just learned of Ronald Dworkin's passing. I spent many a hour reading his writings in law school and after. Eventually, I started reading you, and together you helped enrich my thoughts about the law. Part of me still loves the law largely because of your grand discussions. I am saddened by his loss, but hoping you have many fruitful and happy years to come. Scott Slick
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Feb 16, 2013