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I am at 1213 cookbooks and books related to food. I keep track of them with a program called Book Collector by The PC program integrated wit apps for both iOS and Android, and there is a web presence for me at
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This is my kind of post. Lovely job! PS we use neuf on Sunday bagel breakfast.
Of course there are people like me who use Chilli for the spicy pod and powder. :)
Tough when it's two authors you admire. I gotta say I find the concept kind of silly. As I once wrote about restaurant reviews: Sometimes it's not "apples and oranges", it's "apples and carburetors". Ah well, you are still a winner in my book.
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"The flavorful wing tips can be frozen and used to make chicken stock at a later date!" Cross out "can" and insert "must". PS Thank you for not calling them Buffalo Wings. :)
They add insult to injury: Not only don't they work, you end up cleaning BOTH bowls!
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2012 on 8 Mighty Mini Kitchen Tools at Viet World Kitchen
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I actually use my heavy duty stainless steel two cup measuring cup as you use the butter warmer and it still works to measure flour. I have never found a mini food processor I like though. I especially hate the insert for the 12 cup full size one (which I otherwise love).
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2012 on 8 Mighty Mini Kitchen Tools at Viet World Kitchen
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I have so much difficulty finding a nice piece of Yankee . . .
With apologies, as a proud son of Western New York I must respectfully object to the use of the term "Thuminator" to refer to a chopped beef patty. The Thurminator refers then, now and always to Hall of Fame Running Back Thurman Thomas, No. 34 for the Buffalo Bills 1988-2000, February 27, 2001. Here endeth the lesson.
With really badly rusted cast iron, such as the stuff you pick up at garage sales or flea markets, I run the pans through the clean cycle of my oven. When cool I wash thoroughly and dry over a flame. After it cools, re-season.
I can't wait!
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Is it available for pre-order yet. ;-) But tell me you will have the ultimate banh mi bun/roll recipe. I still don't have one that I love.
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Mine is to the mid-meal question. I act is if my mouth is full and have a cconversation about the meal: mmmmhmmm, mfff, oommmhummm. I cant stop doing it. The one that pisses my wife off is when haded a wine cork, I take a bite out of it.
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You know you have fans in Buffalo too. Just saying. :)
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A wedge of iceberg lettuce picked by illegal immigrants in California, slices of chemical laden never-ripe tomatoes picked by illegals treated like slave-labor in Imolakee, Fla., some insipid onion slices from onions picked by migrant workers of questionable legality, bagged crouton from the dollar store and Russian Dressing from Aldi. Washed down with a cold Old Milwaukee.
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Oh it does, if you don't watch it - too much. :)
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Andrea, another possible egg wash substitute might be the cornstarch solution I sometimes use to glaze rye bread. A slurry of 2 tbs cornstarch and 1/4 cup cold water added to 1 cup of boiling water. From George Greenstein's Bread book.
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Apr 11, 2010