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Dec 10, 2012
My dog was abandoned and rescued some months later, after nearly starving to death. She's been with us three years now, and she is still very food defensive. I wouldn't expect her to get over the memory of being hungry for so long, and I don't think she will. I know that some people have success training that out of dogs, but it can be very hard.
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Yeah, does it need to be 'something' you do? Can you not just snuggle up on the couch and watch her favorite movie? Or maybe go for a walk or a milkshake? Quality time is one of my love languages, and all I want from my husband is just to snuggle on the couch and chat.
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If he's hitting for attention, that might tell you something. I know that you're very driven and busy, and maybe he feels that he isn't getting a large enough share of your attention and love. Have you tried giving him extra one on one time? Maybe like you did with Kate and Adam, a day or just an afternoon all for him and you, and maybe one with him and Marko. You have a big busy family, and I can see how he might feel lost in the shuffle, even if he really isn't.
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Apr 25, 2010