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Heh - fair point. I was deliberately being a bit exaggerative because I was genuinely surprised at how giddy I was after seeing the film. It's not so much that I enjoyed the film itself - it was the sheer unabashed ridiculousness of the movie. That review of Transporter 3 sounds like a celebration of aestheticism. Transformers wasn't particularly exhilarating. It was comforting and predictable; none of that seemed to matter particularly. I just thought it was an interesting cultural moment, because millions of people felt happy to watch an incoherent, disconnected narrative because the lynchpins of the story - the things that made it stick in place - were all cliches and tropes. I don't think this is a good think, really. Or at least: it's not if all films were like this. But God - I'd take a hundred Transformers films rather than one more Avatar.
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Mar 9, 2010