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Well, at least they're not trotting out the "we want Netflix to work on as many devices as possible" BS they used to say. Did I want Netflix on Linux? Yes. Did I used to run a troublesome WinXP virtual machine soley for Netflix? Yes. Then two things happened. 1) I bought a PS3, and 2) I switched to Hulu Plus because I was fed up with Netflix's lack of support, policy changes, and I didn't want to give them my money anymore. My mom has a Netflix account now and I mooch off of it sometimes, but the vast majority of my streaming occurs on Hulu now.
I quit. There really isn't another way to register your disappointment with Netflix decisions and this decision was the last straw. Back to Redbox and the internet for me. I would like to switch to Amazon Prime for streaming, but they don't have any mobile or console clients (although the ability to stream via Flash instead of Silverlight is awesome). As for Hulu, I've got that covered with Playon.
Wow, I'm am seriously disappointed in Netflix. They JUST increased by 3-out plan $3 in January. Now another $4 price hike? They neglect to mention this anywhere in that blog post, I had to log on to my account to see it. Obviously streaming price hikes were just around the corner because those deals are expensive, regardless of how much streamers liked to tout that it costs Netflix $2 a DVD. Increasing the streaming only-option cost makes sense. But increasing everyone's, when you JUST increased everyone's? That's crap. I've threatened to cancel before, but I had to put my membership on hold for two weeks while I waited for a replacement credit card and it was honestly no big deal. I used Megaskipper and watched The Mentalist, it was so easy. It's not even that it is that expensive. Honestly, it isn't. But Netflix has been getting worse and worse recently with their customer service and the value they provide that I can no longer go along for the ride. It's been three years, but I'm going to have to cancel.
I was going to drop from 3 to 2, but I'm going to try dropping to 1 and supplement it with the internet and see how it works out. It's about time I utilized the hard-drive and upscaling capabilities of my PS3 anyway. If it starts being a pain, I'll go up to 2.
Well, the streaming-only plan introduces a new bottom point to compare prices, to. Old Prices: 1-out: $8.99 2-out: +$5/slot 3-out: +$4/slot 4-out: +$5/slot 5-out: +$5.25/slot 6-out: +$5.40/slot 7-out: +$5.50/slot 8-out: +$5.57/slot New Prices Stream-Only: $7.99 1-out: +$2/DVD 2-out: +2.50/slot (+$5/slot compared to 1-out) 3-out: +4.00/slot (+$5/slot compared to 1-out) 4-out: +5.00/slot (+$6/slot compared to 1-out) 5-out: +5.40/slot (+$6.25/slot compared to 1-out) 6-out: +5.66/slot (+$6.40/slot compared to 1-out) 7-out: +5.85/slot (+$6.50/slot compared to 1-out) 8-out: +6.00/slot (+$6.57/slot compared to 1-out) So basically, by everyone going to 2-out if they were on 3-out before, Netflix makes the same amount of money per slot, but ships out less discs.
Well, I guess Rusty Spell is special, because I looked at my Membership Details page and saw this: "The price of your 3 DVDs out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan will change to $19.99 (plus any applicable tax) a month starting with your next billing period on or after Jan 02, 2011." So I'm switching to 2-out.
Good thing I'm grandfathered in, else I'd switch done to a 2-out. I've had way too many BS problems from Netflix to pay $3 more for their crappy service, especially since Hulu is getting a lot more anime subbed and it's free.
Why do you need to manage your queue at all? Beause Netflix likes to have waits of shows I'm watching the middle of the series, which means it'll skip down to another series. Because now that I'm in the middle of the series you skipped to I'd rather finish that one than you finally send me the series you just got in stock or I might actually want to watch that now before it disappears again, so I need to move it up the queue. Everyone's different. If you're just throwing Netflix recommendations on your queue, then queue management may not be for you (I don't "manage" my instant queue for that reason), but I actually throw specific movies and series on my DVD queue, so I do tend to have to manage that. Especially because I hate watching a series and I have to send back for the last DVD, so I try to group them so the last three finishes a series...
Why do you need an official app to manage your queue? Honest question, really. I use a third party app on webOS and its quite good. Shows shipped/arrival dates, divides queue into available and saved, shows which are available as DVD/BR/WI, lets you see movies recommended for you, browse by genre, search, get synopsis, cast list, trailers...I assume there is a similar app on Android. It does cost $3, though. I assume the official one would be free, but I thought the $3 was okay. Of course, Netflix will probably instant stream to webOS the day it streams to Linux, which is never.
Honestly, Netflix can't even do a decent job providing DVDs, so the Blu-ray charge for a format they will do an even poorer job of inventorying is just laughable. My queue is riddled with short waits and series where Discs 1, 4, and 5 are available, and Disc 2, 3, and 6 are Unknown/Saved. There rest say Now availability, but I'm sure as soon as they head to the top of my queue, they'll suddenly be on Long Wait status again, too. Just today, the next DVD in my queue that was marked as Now yesterday is now Unavailable. Seriously? It really makes me want to drop down to a streaming only plan and go back to torrenting, with Redbox to fulfill my Blu-ray needs.
I think if they're going to charge people $4 extra for Blu-ray, they should try to have it for whichever new titles they get to justify the price. If new titles aren't getting released in Blu-ray, I would drop it. As it is, the only television shows I watch on Netflix are the ones that Netflix streams and on the occassion I want a BD movie, I now go to Redbox. So the Blu-ray addon is not of value to me and if they keep slacking, it really won't be.
@Seriously The Netflix app quits like any game on the PS3. You can either press the PS button once to bring up the XMB, where there's a Quit Netflix option or hold the PS button to bring up a menu to Quit the App or Turn off the System. @Wonderbird My PS3 stretches content...I only saw one series that didn't stretch completely and even then there was only a tiny amount of vertical space on either side.
Oh yeah, and I also wish they'd make use of the top four buttons to aid in navigation...there's no way (that I can tell) to quickly page up/down or to get to the See All button.
It's great, if only because it finally upscales my content. It also buffers faster than it used to. The nav is better once you get used to the design...I found it a little confusing at first with the way it goes from the first five movies to SEE ALL because it looks a little like it skips a row (it does, but it's the first five movies that it skips). My biggest gripes are that skip view doesn't tell you where in the timeline you've skipped to...I'd like a numerical indicator personally. The other is that it cuts off summaries for shows in the Overview, you have to click to finish the description. It'd be nice it they showed the whole thing, like on the website.
I buy them, but I tend to buy my CDs direct from the artists and my DVDs (rarely) from Amazon or Wal-Mart.
Doesn't bother me, I just hit that green Save! button or if I really want to see it, I hop to the nearest Redbox. Ours just got Blu-Ray!!!
Aw, I was hoping for the 4400.
On my PC, the quality isn't bad and I don't have hiccups (and this is on budget Comcast 1.5MB, so yeah...). But it's terrible in 1080p on the PS3, so I watch it via Playon there...they transcode the video better.
I'm on one now, actually. Have Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Code Geass left in my queue and after a day of not sending me a movie (first time ever, I think it's because I hit the nine movie limit on a three out account for the first time...kind of flew through FMA, not knowing the entire series was hidden on Hulu's search) and NGE mysteriously went on Short Wait, Cowboy Bebop was Very Long Wait, and Trigun was Long Wait...Netflix skipped all the way down to Code Geass and then the next day, they shipped me NGE as a compliment.
Can you imagine if Hulu ever achieved the impossible and got a streaming library as large as Netflix's DVD library, particularly the anime? I'd dropped Netflix so fast.
Jeez, some of you haters need to grow up. I'm not a Linux envangelist, but I do run Ubuntu. I know how to dual-boot, I know how to kick open virtual box. But I too, in the wake of seeing Netflix devote time to put itself on systems that are obviously not using Silverlight (iPhone, Android, PS3s, and Wiis) am disappointed that Netflix is ignoring the Linux community since it blatantly has the know how and resources to provide such a solution. Linux users would be overjoyed to have Netflix embrace us (which Amazon does not only in VOD, but in its MP3 downloader program as well) and would only benefit, now it just irks everyone and sets everyone on a path to figure out how to get it to work themselves - and the solution the community comes up with certainly won't be as secure and beneficial to Netflix as one Netflix would put out. Am I canceling? No, because I use Netflix for the DVD service - 3 DVDs a month. But am I now rigging my Netflix queue guiltfree? Absolutely.
I'm not switching to Blockbuster because the whole point is that movie theaters want you to switch to Blockbuster so they can pressure Netflix to pay them more money. I don't agree with it and I'm not going to add to pressuring Netflix to pay them more by canceling my subscription. These people don't want to embrace new technology and methods and I'm not going to contribute in stifling it because they think they can make me buy the actual movie or go rent it from a physical store for $5. But truth told, sometimes I DO want to see a new release and not pay $10 to see in the theaters. Like, now, I want to see Sherlock Holmes and I'll have to wait two more weeks to do it, which makes me frustrated with the money I'm spending on Netflix. I won't cancel because streaming is becoming more important as Hulu begins to cancel and lessen more of its televison show offerings to appease studies (don't care about movies since I'll get them through the mail, but it's nice not having to wait on another disc to watch the next episode of a show). But since Netflix doesn't have it, I want to watch it now, and I feel as though I'm already paying to have it by virtue of having Netflix (and thus, am not going to go rent it or buy it), I'll just watch it online somewhere for free and be done with it.
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Apr 11, 2010