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I've experienced deer visits to our garden. After them the yard looked worse than after atomic war. Almost everything would disappear, all your plants, berries...and labour Experimented a lot with different deer repellents. Here's the one that worked real good for us: 3 large eggs, shells included 1 large clove of garlic 2 cups of fresh green onion tops 2 cups of water Put everything into the blender and liquify for 2 minutes. Add this mixture to a pail containing 2 quarts of warm water and melted deodorant soap such as dial. Stir together, then add two tablespoons of chili powder or cayenne pepper and mix well. Splash, spray, drip, or somehow paint the mixture on the plants. Be sure to get egg shells on the leaves. When used every two weeks it is effective year-around. Save some of each batch to "ripen" the next batch.
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Feb 9, 2010