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Mr. McClure, you're a fool and full of yourself. Your industry needs a shakeup. You create nothing and ride the talent of others for money that is not yours. Big kudos to Arrington for blowing the lid off your group of self inflated puffer fish. Your arrogance will haunt you, as you and your jolly group of intermediary overlords go down at Disrupt.
Dave, you're a self absorbed fool, and your rant shows it. Once people like you start calling themselves -- superangels, that's the type of delusion that will be the catalyst to your own demise. Enjoy the thrill of arrogance. The term 'angel investor' is a silly misnomer. You're a predator. Sadly, this industry and its big brother VCs are characterized by indentured servitude, overlords, and the whoring of young entrepreneurs who are too stupid to realize they're being ridden and dumped like donkeys. Kudos to reporters like Mike Arrington who are blowing the lid off these self inflated puffer fish that prey on young talent. This industry is due for shakeup, big time.
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Sep 23, 2010