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Scun Yun
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Bicycles, and increasingly of late, tricycles, have been used as viable mid-distance transport vehicles, carrying both people and our goods, on TORONTO's streets for more than a century. The sad fact remains however, that over the years, a glut of over-large, over-powerful, highway-designed vehicles have grid-locked our most congested urban neighbourhoods - all day, every day, and now often into the night. Anyone who suggests that marginalizing the use of much more efficient and sustainable options by confining them to a single "safer" rectangle of separated bike lanes in the downtown core - and meandering suburban river valleys - simply doesn't understand how this city moves. All destination-rich main arteries in TORONTO must be made more safely cycle-accessible, not just the few arbitrary "crumbs" deemed an acceptable bother to those among us whose view of our city's streets is framed solely by their windshields. Theirs is a contrived, distorted, often tinted perspective that is quite simply falsehood. They drive-by real life in the heart of TORONTO. They aren't engaged in it. Nothing Councilor Parker and his confederates propose will ease the motor-vehicular snarl that chokes this city. Members of the Ford Nation should have plenty of time to ponder such as they sit in their stationary cars and trucks on our already bike-prohibited urban freeways over the next three and a half years. And any responsibly mobile citizen injured riding on any local streets where more reasonably safe infrastructure has been REMOVED, will know just where to point their lawyers. It could end up costing us taxpayers a lot more than a can of black paint, eh?
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Jun 28, 2011