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jack scurlock
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1. Why are you so concerned with having worldwide patent rights? If you were actually planning on producing this product, US rights should be enough to go forward with the project. Why is it contingent on global protection? It appears from your response above that you are planning on selling the rights to the invention anyway, which makes me think that your concern stems not from an intent to sell your invention in other nations, but by a desire to be able to collect licensing fees in other nations. The U.S. calendar market is just a subset of the world market. I don't think its wrong to want better protection. If I succeeded at the town meeting it is my intention to build in Ohio. I'm not interested in licensing deals at this time. Let others invent their own new consumer products. That also answers question 2. James
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Hi, I'm the guy with patent#7397731. My point on international patents is I, a U.S. patent holder, only have provincial protection in the new "global economy". Every other aspect of the once national economy has gone global with the help of new trade treaties. All barriers to trade were dropped; but not for patent holders. The U.S. Constitution gave the power to issue and regulate patents to only the U.S. Congress. As the nation grew; protection expanded into new states and territories. Now that the country appears to be finished expanding its boarders its' economy was artificially expanded through the trade treaties. Only my patent coverage still remains provincial. My point is that "patent powers" in this new economic territory should have remained in the hands of the U.S. Congress, and U.S. courts, as was intended by the founding fathers. I don't think you can modify the U.S. Constitution by treaty. If these were voting rights: People cross a river to vote. Over the river is a rope bridge that people find hard to cross. Then the government builds a new covered bridge only for white voters. All others must walk the rope. Not going to happen! P.S. I'm intend to start selling my patent model calendars on EBAY to raise the money needed for plastic injection molds. Search the patent #7397731. James Scurlock
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Jan 27, 2010