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I am truly enjoying your writing. This final comment, "True spiritual growth is measured not by consistent ritual or increasing knowledge, but by consistently increasing love." This is how I live my life. I may fail on a regular basis, bump my toes occasionally, but living consciously on a daily basis is what works for me. My sense of connection to, and belief in what we would call a Divine Presence is not compromised for lack of engaging in an organized concept of religion. When I feel love, and see it reflected back to me, I know I am living in balance and purpose. ~ Dawn
I love when I learn something from visiting a new blog. This happened here today and I plan to click to follow you after posting this comment. I appreciate the logic, common sense and lack of judgment with which you write. I live in East Tennessee (Knoxville area), so was raised in that typical Bible Belt mentality. I also had two near death experiences as a child that completely changed my perspective of life, of Love and of organized religion. The organized aspect simply doesn't fit me. The theories you offered of Pelagius do make sense to me. And this is prompting me to hit a bookstore this week to find something to read more about this man. I'll look forward to reading more of your writing! Namaste', Dawn
I also add my vote and request to those who have asked for Dorito's 3D! I LOVED the nacho flavor - could plow through a bag of those in record time. They were addictive!
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2010 on Frito-Lay History at Snack Chat
I remember the bacon flavored chips too! Also, I would LOVE it if y'all would bring back the old Taco flavored Dorito's from the mid-1970s. There's a similar version that was in the mixed bags that came out recently, but it's more spicy hot. The 1970s Taco flavor was just really flavorful, heavy on the cumin and soooo good. When I lived in Atlanta in mid-1990s, they were re-introduced as a test product and I was in Heaven! It didn't catch on, though. Please bring this flavor profile back in Doritos!
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2010 on Frito-Lay History at Snack Chat
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Oct 29, 2010