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Shannon Sangster
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I have a 2005 Dodge Ram with the Hemi. I am very proud of my truck. My truck will hang with anything on the road. I used to be a Chevrolet man. I still like Chevrolet, but I am now a Dodge man. Or may I say RAM man. My truck has done me very well. This is the 3rd Dodge I have had and plan on buying another one in the future. All manufacturers have good trucks and it is only a matter of preference to which one you buy. The reason I like them is because they have plenty of power and have been very dependable trucks to me. I have hauled over 12,000 pounds with my truck and it is only a half ton. I know I overloaded it but it did great with no problems. Bottom line is, I prefer Dodge over the other ones and they are very dependable and strong trucks.
I love me a Chevrolet. And for all of you Ford fans out there, the Chevrolet and GMC are the same truck. But let me go a step further. Even though the Chevy has the best numbers and is an awesome truck, I'll have to take the Dodge for one simple fact. The Chevy and Ford have to have urea in them to run. The Dodge doesn't need any. To me that will make my decision. Let Chevy come out and not make me put in urea we will reevauluate.
I have a 99 Dodge Ram Sport. It has a 318 with 3.73 gears. It is an extended cab truck. I recently purchased 2 M105A2 trailers from a military surplus website. I live in South GA and I got the trailers from Huntsville, AL. I towed my 2000 lb. 20' trailer up there and loaded the 2 trailers on my truck. The trailers weigh about 2800 lbs. a piece. That would be 7600 lbs. It is very hilly in that region coming back home and I could definately feel the weight. Thank the lord for my trailer brake controller. I for sure needed more truck than I had, but it did get the job done. Took me about 8 hours to get back home and I sure didn't try to push it.
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Aug 25, 2010