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That's fantastic, and what a wonderful memory to have! I'm doing recipes that my mom hand wrote on recipe cards - she was a wonderful cook and is currently in a nursing home with dementia. She's been ill for about 10 years, and I'm missing her handwriting so much that I think this is going to be perfect! I hope yours come out great!
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so is that what worked for you too, using another program to change the image size? I'd love to hear how yours come out!
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Julie, I think I might have figured out the yard/size issue, though I haven't submitted it to order yet. Picasa definitely seems to have a size restriction, so I created the collage as the OP indicated, and saved it to a location on my computer. Then I used a different program (Snagit Editor, in my case), and resized the image to be 8100x5400 pixels. I saved that to a location on my computer, and just uploaded that to Spoonflower, and it fits perfectly in the yard! I am still trying to find more recipes that my mother handwrote before I'm ready to finalize it and submit the order, but I think at least I've overcome that size obstacle! I did have to modify the "canvas size" of some of the images - I made the images longer so that the sides of the handwritten recipes weren't cut off. Good luck with yours!
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Julie, I haven't ordered them yet. I'm using Picasa and having problems similar to everyone else, where I set the size in Picasa but it doesn't fill in the whole yard of the fabric (interestingly I have noticed that it does fill some yard, but not the fabric the OP used and that I've been trying to use). I just ordered their fabric sampler so that I can see if there's a different fabric I want to try. I'm also going to try rescanning the recipes in a higher resolution and see if that helps. As far as recipe sizes, I'm having similar problems. One of them had the whole side cut off because of its size, so I've been just adjusting the height and/or width until they are a similar size. Good luck!
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Hey Brandi, how did your towels come out? Did they come out a good enough size using 9 to the yard instead of 4? I'm still working on mine and haven't ordered yet, and now I'm not sure whether I should still be trying to work it for 4 to fit on the yard, or 9...
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So glad I read all of the comments, because I was starting to go crazy too, getting 4 to fit right on the yard. So it looks like you can actually print repeating so that nine whole photos will print on your yard rather than the four? Does anyone have any input on grid border size? I did mine just guessing, but it's sort of hard to tell looking at the screen. I just ordered two swatches (trying to decide what grid color to use, and want to make sure the photos are going to look ok) and can't wait to see them. Has anyone received theirs back and have any new input? Can't wait to try this out and share it with my family! My Mom's been ill for quite a while and used to be a great cook, so her recipes are well loved by many. Several years ago I created a book out of many of her recipes, but this will be another way to cherish her hand-written recipes and remember her when she's gone.
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Jul 31, 2012