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Halt and Catch Fire.
I'm firmly in the second camp. If I manage to accidentally work out the murderer before it is revealed, I'm a bit disappointed. Just finished The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg and worked that one out from a very clumsy clue about a chapter from the denouement. Would much prefer to have been dazzled at the end. The astonished feeling of reading the conclusion to "Murder on the Orient Express" as a teenager still stays with me today :) (btw, I'm mostly a lurker, and feel a bit odd commenting on blogs of people who, like you, I have never met in real life, which is why I seldom do it.)
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You're right of course. I should point out I guess that I don't have any relationship to Waterstones, except as a customer. I felt bad browsing the real life bookshop yesterday and not buying anything - so took this offer up. Thanks for the tips btw to the Scandanavian writers - I'm enjoying them.
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Just thought I'd point out Waterstones current "3 for 2" offer on crime books. Free delivery too. Here's an example from your list.
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Your experience in the shop mirrors my own. It's pretty sad because I would buy a lot more books if they were priced sensibly, at say £5. £9.99 for a paperback is ludicrous in this economic climate. I'm sad to see bookshops closing, but they are doing themselves no favours. I sometimes manage to get to Waterstones with my two children - the 3 for 2 offer works for us that way - we get a book each :-)
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My local town Windsor only has Waterstone's now. I try to shop there, but it is hard to justify to myself sometimes. I got a book there last week for £9.99 - and later checked on Amazon who will deliver it free for £5.99 I follow @Waterstones on Twitter, and they flag up some good offers. Recently one of them was for a book I really wanted (Millennium trilogy - Part 3) for a ridiculously small price - I ordered it on-line and had it delivered to the shop where I picked it up. This is definitely the way forward. One thing Waterstones definitely do right is their children's section. Kids want to look at books and touch them and choose one to take home right away. I buy more children's books in Waterstones than adult ones.
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Twitter is actually hard to 'get'. I've been on it for two and a half years, and still wonder about it :-) RSS feeds are not the way to use twitter, you need a dedicated client program running on your desktop. I'm on Windows and use Twhirl (, but have heard good things about Tweetdeck ( Other are available, and for Macs/Linux. So when I'm at my desk, the 'tweets' from people I follow pop up during the day, and I can see what my friends are getting up to (or Stephen Fry, of course). HTH /Robert
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