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Look at the ages of Englands team, then re think what you just wrote about those guys. The only ones who won't be there isCherundolo and Bocanegra, Demerit will be older but he started playing later in life so he doesn't have as much wear and tear.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on Italy cuts Giuseppe Rossi at Soccer By Ives
I've gone through the scenarios and the one I would love oh so much to happen is, the US finishing first in the group, Mexico finishing first in their group That means if both teams win their round of 16 game, then we will play mexico in the quarterfinals on July 3rd, that would be absolutely fantastic!!!
I think Bob has done a great job bringing Torres along slowly and never loosing faith in him, he looks leaps and bounds better than he did in his first few internationals. Now we have good depth in midfield, I think he has definetly passed Benny as the first center mid off the bench. Edu has Passed clark in my mind, I'm not worried about the d because when we made the subs you didn't see the mistakes we saw in the first half. And we didn't see the space in the middle like we did the first half. Can't wait to see the game on Saturday vs the Aussies.
Lineup second half, howard, spector, gooch, demerit, bocanegra. Midfield: Holden, edu, bradley, donovan. forwards dempsey, altidore. We need minimal changes these guys need to get games together and gel. They need to stick it out and play,we are not good enough to just turn it on when the world cup starts.
Spector is having a nightmare game wow!! these guys should have played the last game they look horrible.
This has nothing to do with qualifying, this team is playing its third straight game together our team is playing its first, its bad planning, and way too much experimenting, in my opinion by this first half, clark sholdn't start and neither should benny.
Absolutely Bogus How does no one rotate over or even rotate back, they look so tired and heavy legged, makes no sense.
Feilhaber is a squad player he has really taken a step back.Wow. Bradley's passes are just a bit off.
Funny what a year does, Holden goes from not even a squad member to one of our brightest young talents, Edu comes back to regain his spot from clark, if all the injuries sort themselves out then we have a back four that all play overseas, And now we have better depth in the midfield then we did at the confederations cup which I think really hurt us, I mean we brought sasha in for the Brazil game off the bench, Torres wasn't ready then to play at that level but now I think he has a better understanding of how to move the ball and feilhaber becomes the fourth option, thats alot better in my mind. I can't wait for the games. We definetly get out of the group, then the rematch, germany v USA !!
Whatis up with all the did not dress. Parkhurst, rolfe... crazy to me, well with the new news on the ability to move in the league, How many of the guys in Norway and Denmark do you see coming back?
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I think it was close to game time when it happened and I think it was more cautionary then anything else because he was tweeting during the game.
Fulham look like crap right now, Liverpool could have tied but I need another striker Torres, blew the game tying shot.
Yea, the whole thing makes no sense to me,I mean if they where having trouble paying the debt then I'd understand maybe, but the idea that you have to spend so much on transfer fees to bring in players that might not translate into success in the Prem, is a horrible business model, I mean whats the point of their academy if they don't bring those kids up? And they don't pay nearly as much as New York fans do, but these Red Knight guys are going to lower ticket prices and blah blah blah, wheres their money gonna come from after they buy the team, how are theygoing to fund the day to day operations?
Wow, Liverpool need serious upgrades, in the midfield. On a brighter note, if I where the glazers I'd ask nike to make the third kit next year green and gold, just to show solidarity with these ignorant fans. They should have their own signs 2 billion and its yours.
I totally agree.
I say get rid of mikel he sucks, anelka needs to go, honestly though if their academies areso great like everyone is saying why aren't they bringing anybody through the system? I would love for them to get torres, I'd rather they have snjeder or robben over ribery, but whatever,they need to improve in the wide positions more than anywhere else.
lenhart is a beast! imagine if jozy had his work rate.
wow, I just realized how much I haven't missed Frankie Hey dude. ugh.
What teams are treating players badly? Sorry, Landon but I don't by it.
well with all do respect the last thing MLS should do is become like baseball. I haven't watche a single game since highschool and that was more than ten years ago.
See the problem with this argument is its not the ones giving up something that are complaining, if the teams where complaining that they gave up a second round draft pick for this player then you'd have more of an argument but they aren't. If this player is worth trade value then a deal can be made, it's not a debt we are trading asset for asset, the supreme court heard it and decided that it did not suffice.
Wow redbull looks like they might do something this year. Good to see.
I am more impressed with STU's adaptation to this horrible team then Landon's, adaptation to everton. it says a lot about MLS to me it miight not be the top ten of the epl yet, but it sure as hell is 11 thru 20.
Isit jeffries that is at Maniz?
I think the best league 1 to 20 has to be spain, there is no way a team like bolton,wolves,west ham, hull could play against the bottom four in spain.